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SUREWiSE Supports NIBA Mentoring Program

By Surewise 30/03/2018

SUREWiSE are avid supporters of the NIBA Mentoring Program and believe the program is extremely beneficial for both mentees and mentors.

In the 2018 NIBA Mentoring Program, Shannan Gardner and James Tiller from SUREWiSE both eagerly raised their hands to become mentees. Shannan and James were both accepted into the program and have since been partnered with leading insurance industry mentors.

SUREWiSE Supports NIBA Mentoring Program

Peter Blanco, SUREWiSE’s Managing Director volunteered to become a Mentor and has since been assigned a mentee who is eager to benefit from this opportunity.

The NIBA Mentoring Program is for young brokers, insurers and associated professionals across the insurance industry. The aim of the program is to empower Young Professionals through mentoring partnerships with supportive and motivating role models to develop focussed goals and directions and to strive for higher levels of performance. But the program is also a great experience for mentors, many of whom appreciate the chance to give something meaningful back to the industry.

The goal of the program is to give Young Professionals a greater understanding of the issues facing the insurance industry and a supportive environment that will motivate and assist them in both their personal and professional development.

Professionals who take part in mentoring programs are statistically five times more likely to earn promotions than those who do not. Past participants say it’s one of the best, most rewarding initiatives they’ve ever been involved in and the program has already seen hundreds of young professionals benefit from partnering with an experienced industry leader throughout the 12-week program.

Well done Shannan, James and Peter for being part of this important industry program and well done to the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) for this initiative. And of course, the program could not exist without the support of program sponsors.

For more information about the NIBA Mentoring Program, visit www.niba.com.au


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