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By Surewise 18/11/2020

Cyber Insurance is essential to any business that uses technology, but it can be quite complex to get your head…

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By Surewise 9/11/2020

Technology has progressed significantly over the last decades and improvements in efficiency and connectivity has made some big changes in…

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By Surewise 27/10/2020

If you’re considering getting Cyber Insurance, it’s helpful to get all the facts before investing. It’s a relatively new type…

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By Surewise 15/10/2020

Cybercrime is increasing globally, along with our dependence on technology, and anyone, including SME business owners, can become victims. A…

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By Surewise 23/10/2019

In addition to utilising locally represented insurers in Australia, SUREWiSE can also access the global insurance market to find the…

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By Surewise 30/09/2019

‘Money makes the world go round’, as they say. Which means if it stops flowing your business’ way, there’s a…

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By Surewise 8/02/2019

Do you really know what you’re signing? Don’t get caught under-insured or worse, not insured at all because you’ve signed…

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By Surewise 5/02/2019

We are pleased to formally announce and welcome Ali Greco to the SUREWiSE team. Ali joined SUREWiSE on Monday 04/02/2019…

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By Surewise 29/01/2019

“As the owner of vacant land, you are responsible for any injury, death or damage that occurs on your property…

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By Surewise 17/01/2019

Under-insurance is fraught with danger! Making an insurance claim should be a relatively easy process.  That is, unless your level…

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