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Get to Know Toby Lockwood

By Surewise 29/03/2018

At SUREWiSE, we think it’s a great idea for you to meet our team.

SUREWiSE is made up of a large team of insurance professionals who all work together to protect our client’s and their assets. Throughout your interactions with our organisation, you probably won’t get to meet everyone so this is just one way we can introduce our team to you.

In this article, let’s get to know Toby Lockwood.

Toby Lockwood

Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Toby entered the insurance industry in 2000 with a large Australian insurer as an underwriter specialising in Small to Medium Enterprise (SME), Rural, Construction and Engineering risks. Toby has also gained claims management experience having worked for an insurance brokerage. Toby was also a Technical Services Officer for another insurance company in the areas of Accident & Health and Consumer Credit Insurance.

Toby joined SUREWiSE in September 2017 as an Assistant Account Executive and provides valuable account management support to an Account Executive in SUREWiSE’s Business Unit.

What does Toby like about his current job at SUREWiSE? Toby enjoys the challenge of needing to know the extensive range of insurance policies we deal with and working as a broker by looking at risks from a different perspective (not as an insurance underwriter). He also enjoys being able to present risks to insurers as he has the “know-how” on what insurers specifically look for. Toby also likes the environment at SUREWiSE and described it as “a good culture, very professional, a fun place to work, a good team and everyone supports each other”.

Self improvement in all areas of his life whether it be personal or professional is important to Toby. Improving himself as a family member, a professional and as a colleague is what motivates Toby. He explained that the people closest to him help him become the best version of himself in every situation.

Toby has also been involved in a number of team sports including basketball and football. He played for the Central Districts Lions Basketball Club and the Gawler Central Football Club. Toby is also a basketball coach for the boys under 14’s Central Districts Lions Basketball Club in the State League. He loves developing his players, making the state teams, providing elite pathways, enjoys the bonds and friendships he has formed with players and their families, and achieving great results for the team. The reward for Toby is being able to do what he loves to do in a sport he is passionate about.

Did you also know that Toby is a supporter of the Adelaide Crows? His favourite player is Rory Sloane. Naturally, he loves basketball and is a huge fan of the LA Lakers with his favourite player being Kobe Bryant.

Other than basketball and football, Toby’s hobbies and interests also include music, the gym and learning about health, fitness and nutrition. He enjoys listing to alternative heavy metal and his favourite band is “36 Crazyfists”.

Toby describes himself as “black and white, open and transparent” and expects the same in return. He also revealed that he is very particular in an OCD kind of way. He further explained that, “everything has to be neat; be lined up; labels must be faced forward; and cups have to be washed and put back in their place”.

Relaxing for Toby is achieved by watching a movie, watching sports or simply listening to music. He doesn’t generally have a lot of spare time due to work, his family and sporting commitments taking up a lot of time but he enjoys the “busy-on-the-move” lifestyle. He says, “I couldn’t sit on my bum and do nothing. I would get bored. It would be horrible”.

Toby’s favourite movie is “Training Day” which also stars his favourite actor, Denzel Washington. Toby added, “any movie directed by Quentin Tarantino or starring Denzel Washington is usually a winner”.

Although Toby hasn’t yet traveled overseas, Toby has made it to Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Perth and Brisbane in Australia with plans to get to Hobart some time soon. He usually gets to travel interstate at least twice a year for National basketball tournaments.

If he could have a whole month’s holiday anywhere in the world, Toby says he would love to travel to New York in the USA due to its busy nightlife, the sports on offer in the city, the opportunity to visit filming of various television shows and the fact the city is non-stop and thriving with action. Toby says, “I’d rather be on the move exploring rather than laying down at a resort”.

To get in touch with Toby, please call him directly on (08) 8413 6328 or email tobyl@steadfastbrecknock.com.au.


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