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Nightclub & Bar Insurance

Do you operate a nightclub or bar and find obtaining insurance difficult or have been told that your current broker is unable to find you cover?

While these venues can attract hundreds of patrons each night, they can pose a high risk for owners and operators. Property damage caused by intoxicated patrons, slips and trips because of spilt drinks or personal injury as a result of an eviction by security are just some of the risks that operators face.

Recent changes within the insurance industry have seen many insurers become reluctant to insure nightclubs and bars. This has resulted in the remaining insurers to reduce capacity and impose tighter guidelines on their appetite and cover conditions, and with those changes, premiums have been severely impacted.

Here at SUREWiSE our team have built strong relationships with insurers who specialise in both property and liability insurance for nightclubs, bars and hospitality venues. We take the time to review your individual business operation, and recommend an appropriate level of cover for you.

What are your obligations as an owner or occupier of a licensed venue?

An occupier has a duty of care to maintain premises are safe for people who may enter on the property.

What could possibly go wrong?

Imagine an intoxicated patron is asked to leave the venue by security staff. The patron is not happy that he is being evicted and proceeds to be abusive to staff and security. The situation turns physical with security staff and the patron being evicted. He gets injured, resulting in a trip to the hospital. While the security operations were provided by an external company, the venue owner or operator may have a duty of care and can be included in litigation actioned by the injured person.
Claims like this scenario can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the injuries and situation. Can you afford to take the risk of not having the appropriate level of cover?
Whether your business is a small boutique bar or a multi-level nightclub, our team can help.

Need an insurance quote?

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