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Prestige Home Insurance

Owning a high-value home often goes hand-in-hand with the possession of exclusive private collections, be they art, jewellery, fine wines, antiques, or other valuable collectibles. At Surewise, we recognize the intricacy and dedication involved in acquiring such treasures. Our prestige home insurance policies, are specifically designed to protect both your home and the cherished collections it houses.

Understanding Prestige Home Insurance

Prestige home insurance is tailored for homeowners who require more than the average coverage due to the exceptional value of their property and possessions. This type of insurance provides comprehensive risk coverage, higher limits, and the flexibility to add custom protections that cater precisely to the needs of affluent homeowners.

Custom Coverage for Private Collections

These are just a few Key Features of the Coverage:

Worldwide Cover for Private Collections: Whether your treasures are at home or on display internationally, our coverage ensures their protection across the globe.

Automatic Coverage for Newly Acquired Items: Newly acquired items of your private collection are automatically covered for up to 90 days before they need to be officially listed on the policy, giving you peace of mind as you enhance your collection.

Defective Title Cover: In the rare event that you are legally required to relinquish an item due to a defective title claim, this cover ensures that you are compensated for your loss.

Expertise in High-Value Assets

Choosing the right insurer for high-value collections is as crucial as the initial decision to purchase a piece of art or a rare antique. Surewise is seasoned in dealing with high-value sums insured and resulting claims and understand the unique aspects of insuring luxurious properties and their contents.

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