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Do I need to insure vacant land?

By Surewise 29/01/2019

Do I need to insure vacant land?

“As the owner of vacant land, you are responsible for any injury, death or damage that occurs on your property or results in connection with your property”, says Angela Hull, Account Executive at Vacant Land Protection, a division of SUREWiSE Pty Ltd.

Angela highlights that, “Legal action may be brought against you resulting in legal expenses for defence costs”.

Furthermore, Angela says, “A public liability insurance policy can provide you with peace of mind protection”.

What are some insurance claim examples relating to the ownership of vacant land?

Claim Example 1
The owner of vacant land erected a wire fence to prevent pedestrians accessing their land. One afternoon, the wire fence fell down and a piece of the fence wire pierced through the arm of a child walking past. The child’s parents took legal action against the owner of the vacant land who was found legally liable and forced to pay damages, compensation and court costs in excess of $39,000.

Claim Example 2
The general public regularly parked their vehicles on public property located directly next to a piece of vacant land. Several tree branches located on the vacant land fell onto vehicles parked on the public property resulting in property damage claims in excess of $26,000.

Claim Example 3
A young girl was walking on vacant land, using it as a “short cut” to get home from school. The girl’s feet became tangled in overgrown weeds on the vacant land and she tripped, injuring herself and required surgery. The girl’s parents pursued legal action against the owner of the vacant land and settled out of court for an amount of $96,000.

Claim Example 4
Unknown people started a small fire on vacant land which quickly spread causing property damage to multiple vehicles, fences and a garage on neighbouring properties. The owner of vacant land was found partially legally liable and was ordered to pay damages of more than $51,000.

Vacant Land Protection

Through Vacant Land Protection, you can have peace of mind protection with a quality and affordable Public Liability insurance policy.

Our team of liability insurance experts can provide you with professional advice and arrange prompt insurance protection for you. The process is quick, easy and hassle free.

  • Residential vacant land
  • Public liability insurance
  • $20 million cover
  • Choice of $500 or $1,000 excess
  • Available nationally
  • Underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd

Although our Vacant Land Protection facility is intended for residential vacant land, SUREWiSE can also arrange Liability Insurance for your commercial vacant land (separate to this facility).

Need an insurance quote?

For professional advice and to request an insurance quote, click on the ‘Get A Quote’ link below to provide us with your details and one of our qualified & experienced insurance brokers will contact you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, contact us today on 1800 273 256 and ask to speak to one of our Vacant Land Protection insurance experts.



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