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Showing off our new polo shirts!

By Surewise 21/03/2018

Not only does our team take pride in their work, they also take great efforts to present themselves professionally at work.

With the recent spell of hot weather in Adelaide and to give our team members flexibility with their workplace wardrobe, we provided all team members with a SUREWiSE branded polo shirt. The team couldn’t decide whether to have a blue polo or black polo so we went with both options!

In the picture below, Kevin Boots (left) and James Tiller (right) proudly show off their new polo shirts.

Showing off our new polo shirts!

With such a diverse client base ranging from tradies, retailers, manufacturers to corporate’s and everything inbetween, we understand that our team member’s physical dress appearance may need to change depending on the type of client they are visiting.

With the introduction of our new polo shirt range, it allows our team members to dress according to the clients they are visiting which makes relationship management easier and helps appealing to some clients better. And in saying this, it also makes for a more relaxed business casual day on Friday’s in our office!

What do you think of our team’s new polo shirts?


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