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Positive Culture at Work

By Surewise 20/04/2018

The SUREWiSE management team recently supported the Zara Foundation fundraiser and took part in its charity fundraiser auction by bidding on a number of items. We successfully bid on a training package provided by Wunder Training and had great pleasure in inviting Jane Wundersitz to our office this morning for some educational fun with our team.

Jane is the founder and Master Trainer at Wunder Training and is consistently ranked in the Top 5 Most Popular Speakers nationally. She has a list of qualifications and experience behind her including a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. Jane has assisted many small, medium and large organisations with a range of tailored workshops.

The SUREWiSE team all came together at 7.30am this morning for breakfast followed by a 90 minutes training session with Jane. Today’s training revolved around ‘Positive Culture at Work’.

Our team found the session fun and entertaining with active participation and engagement. The uptake of today’s session provided positive energy throughout our office and gave an insight into each team member’s own unique strengths and how they form part of our wider work community. We believe this will open the door to a whole new level of teamwork, trust and productivity.

For more information about Wunder Training, please click here.

Below are a few photographs from this morning’s Wunder Training session with the SUREWiSE team.

Positive Culture at Work   Positive Culture at Work

Positive Culture at Work   positive psychology


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