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Get to Know Michael Rogers

By Surewise 31/01/2018

At SUREWiSE, we think it’s a great idea for you to meet our team.

SUREWiSE is made up of a large team of insurance professionals who all work together to protect our client’s and their assets. Throughout your interactions with our organisation, you probably won’t get to meet everyone so this is just one way we can introduce our team to you.

In this article, let’s get to know Michael Rogers.

Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers is an Account Executive who currently manages a portfolio of clients in SUREWiSE’s Business Unit. In consultation with his clients, Michael assesses his client’s risk exposures and recommends and manages insurance solutions with a focus on risk management.

Michael never thought he would become an insurance broker, and like many within the insurance industry, he kind of “fell into” insurance. He first started his insurance career with CGU Insurance managing motor claims where he learned the claims process and how to look for claims to be paid rather than be denied. Michael soon progressed into commercial and corporate insurance broking with valuable knowledge and experienced gained from working for a number of international insurance brokerages. Michael also has a Bachelor in Administration Management with the University of South Australia.

When asked what he likes best about his job at SUREWiSE, Michael explained that he enjoys developing strong relationships with his clients and having the opportunity and trust to review and recommend insurance and risk management solutions to protect his client’s assets. Michael understands the importance of his position and the reliance his clients have on his professional advice.

Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Michael married Rebecca in 2011 and has a daughter Amelia (aged 5) and a son Oliver (aged 3). Michael describes himself as a family man and nothing makes him happier than being around his wife, children and family.

Michael was active in school with sports but these days is more into watching sports. He enjoys AFL and cricket with his favourite AFL team being the Power. In fact, those who know Michael would say he is a die-hard Power fan. Michael is a Power club member and loves the family feeling within the club and enjoys being part of the club’s culture and history. And when it comes to the South Australian National Football League (SANFL), Michael supports (you guessed it) – the Port Adelaide Magpies.

For the Adelaide Crows fans, Michael quickly recalls the Crows losing the grand final in 2017 and finds this quite humorous! But don’t lest sport get in-between you and Michael. He is a genuine nice guy, looking out for the best interests of his clients.

Michael also likes to travel and has been to London, Germany, Spain, France and Amsterdam. Locally, he enjoys travelling to the Gold Coast, the Great Ocean Road and Mount Gambier. Michael’s favourite place he has travelled to is London because it’s a big city, there’s always something happening and it’s full of history and culture. Michael’s favourite place in Australia was travelling along the Great Ocean Road because he found it relaxing and it had great scenery and stunning beaches.

If Michael could have a month-long holiday, he would like to travel to New Zealand and stay in a retreat or resort in the middle of winter so he can attempt to ski which he hasn’t had the opportunity to do as yet. Michael says he would also like to travel to Africa for a safari.

Michael is the first to admit that he’s not a daring person. But he described the roller coasters in the Gold Coast theme parks as being daring enough. He has absolutely no plans to bungee jump or jump out of a plane. In fact, Michael admits to being scared of heights.

What about cooking? Michael loves to cook Thai and Indian dishes with his favourite restaurant being Jasmin India Restaurant in Adelaide. His favourite dish to cook is chicken korma but if he offers to cook you duck, run away quickly! Michael admits his first and only attempt at cooking duck was a disaster and he won’t be attempting it again. So what went wrong? Michael explained that he added far too much stock and the dish was too salty. Unfortunately, this was intended to be an impressive meal for a dinner date but that didn’t go down too well (awkward!).

If Michael could meet anyone in the world, he would want to be Barack Obama because of his charisma, his public speaking ability, his leadership and the way he portrays and delivers his messages.

If you need professional advice or assistance with your insurance and risk management strategies, you can contact Michael Rogers directly on (08) 8413 6341 or 0478 677 959 or email michaelr@steadfastbrecknock.com.au


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