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Are you buying your insurance direct?

By Surewise 29/06/2018

Are you buying your insurance direct?

Buying insurance direct from an insurer might be good for you if you have a thorough understanding of your potential and actual risks and if you know the right insurance policy required to protect you and your business. But then again, you won’t have access to the range of insurers and the range of insurance products available to insurance brokers because there are only a small number of insurers who actually deal with the general public. And most importantly, you won’t receive valuable professional advice.

  • You might think buying direct will save you time
  • You might feel you’re in control of your insurance
  • You might receive a slightly lesser premium

But what real value are you adding to your business?

  • What happens if you get it wrong?
  • Are you willing to potentially risk loosing your business or costing your business money because you didn’t use an insurance broker?
  • Are you really saving money in the long run?

Here’s a few things to consider when dealing with a direct insurer:

  • Business insurance can be complex
  • You might not have a complete understanding of risk and insurance
  • You won’t have an advocate to support you (especially when making a claim)
  • Many insurer’s operate call centres so you’ll likely speak to different people each time you call
  • Insurer’s may not fully understand your business and its risk exposures
  • Insurer’s employees are often not qualified to provide advice and may be unable to provide advice
  • Can you accurately compare the insurers policy’s terms and conditions when comparing products and are you aware of the policy’s exclusions and how they may affect you?
  • It’s often “buyer beware” and “you get what you pay for”
  • If you get it wrong, you’ll need to dig into your own pockets
  • Dealing direct with an insurer can be risky and end up costing you more!


  • We are insurance experts
  • We understand the complexity of insurance
  • You are dealing with an intermediary who has access to over 150 insurers and is part of Steadfast Group
  • We go to market to find the most suitable policy and negotiate the best terms available
  • We represent you and act as your advocate
  • We help manage the claims process
  • You will have a dedicated specialist handling your insurance who is supported by our team
  • We have a dedicated claims team to help get your claims paid as quickly as possible
  • It’s our job to understand your business so we can tailor insurance protection for you
  • Our insurance professionals are qualified and experienced
  • We have access to comparison tools to compare insurance policies against each other
  • We will provide you with professional advice and service
  • In the unlikely event we get it wrong, we have Professional Indemnity Insurance


For more information about SUREWiSE and why you should use an insurance broker, please visit the following pages on our website or contact our team today for an obligation free discussion.




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