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Get to Know Lana Cvorkov

By Surewise 7/02/2018

At SUREWiSE, we think it’s a great idea for you to meet our team.

SUREWiSE is made up of a large team of insurance professionals who all work together to protect our client’s and their assets. Throughout your interactions with our organisation, you probably won’t get to meet everyone so this is just one way we can introduce our team to you.

In this article, let’s get to know Lana Cvorkov.

Lana Cvorkov

Lana is a Domestic Account Executive who manages a portfolio of clients in SUREWiSE’s Domestic Team. Lana provides valuable advice to her clients who are looking for insurance policies to protect their personal assets such as their home, contents, investment property, strata or community title, motor vehicle, caravan, trailer, and pleasure craft among many other products.

Born in the former Yugoslavia in Belgrade, Lana moved to Germany at the age of 6 and arrived in Australia at the age of 10 with her family who were looking for work and a better future.

Lana’s first job was with the former Medibank where she worked in the Correspondence Department, focusing on customer service. Lana has worked in the insurance industry for about 35 years working work insurance companies and insurance brokerages. Her last 15 years has been dedicated to insurance broking. When asked what she likes best about her job, Lana advised “the people I work with and helping my clients”.

What makes Lana happy? The simple things in life; good food; fine wine; music; and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Lana is a bit of a cook and enjoys cooking for her family and friends. Her favourite food is Thai and her favourite Thai dish is pad thai. Lana loves to cook a variety of dishes and deserts. Her favourite local restaurant is Esca Restaurant & Espresso Bar in Glenelg, South Australia.

As a child, Lana always dreamed of becoming an air hostess so she could see the world. Although she’s not an air hostess, she has still been able to see parts of the world including Canada but she would love to visit Europe in the near future and make a return to Canada.

If she had an opportunity to have a holiday away from home for a whole month, Lana says she would like to travel to New York because it’s the city that never sleeps; there’s always something to do; and there are a variety of cultures to experience.

Lana doesn’t see herself as a risk taker so she doesn’t go on amusement rides or look for adrenaline thrills but she has walked the tree top walk in Lamington National Park, Queensland.

When asked what was the most interesting thing she has ever done, Lana replied, “the Margaret River Caves in Western Australia”.

If she could be anyone in the world, Lana would like to be Susan Sarandon. Susan is an American actress who was never afraid to speak her mind even if it meant going against what other people thought. Lana described Susan as “a beautiful soul”.

If Lana could meet anyone in the world, she would like to meet Andrea Bocelli because he has an amazing voice and sings with his soul, not just his voice.

If you need professional advice or assistance with your domestic insurance, you can contact Lana Cvorkov directly on (08) 8413 6330 or email lanac@steadfastbrecknock.com.au


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